LGBTQ+ Inclusive Consultancy Services & Certifications

We provide knowledge for hospitality and tourism businesses to be more inclusive to LGBTQ+ people by our well-researched and tailor-made LGBTQ+ inclusion and sensitisation trainings and workshops. To match the organisational goals with global standards, we have also developed LGBTQ+ inclusive/friendly certification from sustainable development, sustainable tourism, and international human rights frameworks. With our consultancy services, relevant curriculum and modules are carefully designed to guide our customers to achieve their goals. Besides, the customers will be provided with research supports, pre- and post-assessment, professional networking through employer/employee resource groups (ERGs).

LGBTQ+ Tour Products

Our LGBTQ+ tour products are promoted as the tool to create awareness of LGBTQ+ issues of the destination. We adopt community-based tourism (CBT) approach to create community engagement throughout the product development process. With LGBTQ+ community-based tour products, local LGBTQ+ suppliers, entrepreneurs and other individuals are inclusively integrated with tourism development. Tourist-friendly contents related to LGBTQ+ history, culture, lifestyle and activism, are curated through research and storytelling approach. Also, LGBTQ+ Tourism Asia aims to provide tour operations led by LGBTQ+ communities to ensure the seamless experiences.

LGBTQ+ Marketing Platform

Our LGBTQ+ marketing platform is developed to provide trustworthy space for LGBTQ+ friendly businesses, LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, workers, travellers, customers, and other individuals. Based on our LGBTQ+ inclusive/friendly frameworks, LGBTQ+ Tourism Asia aims to develop interactive web and mobile app with user-generated content (UGC). On this platform, reviews, ratings, sponsored ads, lifestyle and community-specific personalisation will be the key features that cater inclusive and hospitable travel experiences of LGBTQ+ travellers/customers both domestically and internationally.

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